A comprehensive senior management service

Non-Executive Directors play an increasingly important part in today’s corporate governance, providing an independent perceptive, capable of challenging the
decisions of the management team.

Pario’s team of Non-Executive Directors have the senior management experience, commercial expertise, strong leadership and communications skills necessary to
effectively support the chairman whilst safeguarding the needs of the shareholders,
other non-executive directors and employees, additionally bringing commercial benefits with the provision of entrepreneurial leadership and networking opportunities for the company.Drawing from experience across a range of industries including construction
and PFI, our Pario Non-Executive Directors are an asset to businesses, large or small.
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What this service includes

Whatever the size of your business, Pario’s Executive and Non-Executive Directors will demonstrate the strong leadership required to complement the management team. Typically, this would include:

Chairman Support

Working closely with the chairman, providing a sounding board and support

Directors Support

Acting as an intermediary for all Directors, as and when required

Shareholders Interests

Protecting the interests of the shareholders in matters where a potential conflict of interest exists such as management pay and company performance audits.

Communications Channel

Providing an additional communication channel to resolve any issues or concerns the shareholders or other non-executive directors may have.

Annual Meetings

The holding of annual meetings with the non-executive team to review the performance of the chairman.

Attend Meetings

Attending meetings with major shareholders to ensure they have an understanding of their concerns and issues.

Discover how we can shape our service to support you

Pario understands that each clients’ requirements and each project can differ from one to the next. We work with our clients to understand their individual requirements and shape our services to suit.

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Learn more out the services we provide and the challenges we have experienced by viewing our case studies and reading about some of our successful projects.

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A collaborative approach to SPV management

Our team of professionals are experts in their field with the skill, drive and professionalism to deliver an unsurpassed quality of service to our clients within their different sectors. We pride ourselves on the honesty and impartiality of the advice and solutions we provide, taking great care to objectively balance the needs of the client with what is best for the project, employing the diplomacy necessary to manage the complex relationships between stakeholders.

The scope of SPV Management services we provide can be tailored to meet your exact specifications, so find out how we can assist you.